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CHOP SUEY [Jun. 1st, 2002|05:40 am]
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Chop suey by System of a down]

When someone is crucified they are tied to a cross (was sometimes just a straight pole with no extremities) and scourged with a cat o' nine tails that had shards of glass and metal tied into the ends of the braids so that it hurt like a mother fucker when the victim was lashed. Then nails were driven into the hands (wrists are a part of the hand) and ankles so as to hold the victim in place. Then when the pole was lifted into the air and dropped into the hole pre-dug for the cross or pole, the force of the cross dropping would more often than not pull the arms out of the sockets of the victim and since it is extremely difficult to support one's bodyweight without the use of the arms, the pressure falls on the torso and lungs, turning breathing into an extremely difficult ordeal. And eventually the victim will be overcome by his/her own weight and suffocate due to the inability to hold themselves up. If the person remained living for so long then the gaurds would come along and break the person's legs to speed his/her death along. And eventually if things became too drawn out, a spear would be placed between the third and fourth ribs on the of the victim in order to kill them instantly.

And yes, this is related to the song. ppl that think they're singing crap just simply dun get it and should rot in hell. And yes I'm feeling rather skecthy at the mo.