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pinky yapping away - lemonhoochica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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pinky yapping away [Aug. 4th, 2002|04:36 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |love destiny by Ayu]

just updated my aa page a lil. v. bored at home rite now. but doris came home this mornin from her summer camp so i'm glad i have someone to talk to. we've become real tite esp this time i came back. i'm real glad i can have this kinda bond wif someone, like someone i can totally trust. even wif henry sometimes there are things i won't discuss to him about.

anyway. for the past few weeks i haven't been doing anything really exciting except for seeing henry and that whole bunch almost every single day. and watching them blaze. i've completly quit blazing now i dunno whether i'll ever start again but i think that's unlikely cuz i dun even like getting stoned anymore. but it seems like almost everyone i know does but i guess it's kinda funnie when i see them reacting to everythin so slow n just laughing at everything. so it's kinda fun too cuz i used to laugh WITH them and now i get to laugh AT them hehehe.

oh and lately i've been to clubbing more and i actually like it better than i used to so i'm planning to go more often when i go back to toronto =D hmmm let's see what else...OHOH saturday nite was kinda gay. at first it was good cuz i got to see maiko and say bye to lulu. and later it was okay when we decided to go to ING. but after awhile at ING we didn't know where jaz took off to and we wanted to go and she had the bag taggy thing so we had to wait for her and we couldn't find her cuz my mobile was in the bag and maiko didnt have her number. so blah blah long story...and after that me and henry went to find joanna perry and them and chilled for awhile...it was fun but then this stupid hk weather!! it started to rain like a bitch and i was the onli one that had an umbrella. henry derek lewis and lo got into a cab first while me joanna perry etc. waited for cab to pass by but it was real late n for some reason taxis don't goto the pier at that time we even called the fucking cab company and still no cab. it was 5 people under one freakin small umbrealla...so finally we had to walk to star ferry to get one. and after that i was dead tired but still went to join henry to play cs...i've been playing abit too much cs lately i think cuz i've become quite gd at it actually...but i dun really think it's a gd thing cuz i dun really want to waste too much time on computer games!! if only i can make henry stop playin so much...then he wont make me go wif him@!

oh yah....i still dunno whether i should goto gatecrasher or not...(all depending on henry again) i think it's this saturday? i'll prolly go cuz i'm getting the 'i kinda wanna go' vibe from henry. but i hope it's not like ken ishii or the april one...seems like more ppl that i know are going this time so hopefully it'll be fun

okay that's it for now....

From: (Anonymous)
2002-10-05 01:58 am (UTC)


HEY BABE UR HOT! u look hot n sexy in ur pics... ur sis too! u guys...i wud wanna spend one nite wid ya
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From: (Anonymous)
2003-01-24 10:06 am (UTC)


hi just browsing thru the net and saw your page pretty cool~ i used to play quizquiz too kindda gd in tetris but anyway ~~ read your journals and saw all the pics too~~ very well done indeed..
Anyway i notice it's been months since you updated ~~
would like to see more from ya~~

Stay cool and take care~

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