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lalalala [May. 19th, 2002|04:38 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |On the radio by Nelly Furtado]

i was trying for two hours to figure out what the seam allowances are for the shirt...this is so pathetic i can't believe those classes i've missed costed me so much..i really dun think i can catch up...it's so pathetic...why am i always sick...argh! too frustrating...

i'm listening to black black heart rite now...the one by david usher...it just reminded me of how my music taste changes all the time. my friend jamie tells me that i have all these phases that i go thru with music. i remember i started listening to TRF and Amuro Namie back in grade 6...then after that i left to canada and those two years i started listening to more english songs....i remembered my obsession with No doubt, Bush, Moist, and those stupid macarena chessy dance songs. that was grade 7,8...doris if you're reading this remember our trip to florida and we were dancing on the bed in the hotel while we watched that live thing of No Doubt on Much music...haha that was fun. hmmm gr 9 i think i started to listen to canto pop cuz i was back in hongkong again...a lot of sammi songs that time...and then i became really..and i mean like crazily obsessed with japanese music...l'arc~en~ciel...i was in love with hyde...all that xjapan glay luna sea...i still listen to japanese songs now but more of their RnB and pop stuff like Utada Hikaru, love psychedelico, Misia..blah..hmmmm okay then during that japanese craze i was also into nirvana and silverchair..going to TST to try to find like bootleg CDs from them...okay then after that i've started to go raving so for a while i was really into anything trance/jungle/hh...and i don't always listen to canto but i love going to kareoke and sing them. now i just listen to pretty much everything except country music...i think 2 months ago i was really into all the songs from moulin rouge cuz i love that movie...ewan mcgregor has such a beautiful voice. and for these past few weeks i've been listening to alot of ashanti and alicia keys and that korean song 'because i'm a girl'. i've just read the english translations for that song it made me feel so emotional when i read it i hate that feeling. and the music video made me cried twice...i dunno what's wrong wif me maybe i'm just having pms. hai....oh that reminds me that i went through a korean music phase too. i listened to alot of 1tym for awhile...the whole YG Family thing with Gloria we were both quite nuts about it. okay i think i'm gonna stop here....i'm rambling like crazy and i know i can go on forever cuz i had over 3000 songs in my old winamp in hongkong and now in my new one i still got like over 1000 songs...i even downloaded the theme song of movies like Godfather and Love story but i like them. what a loser i am....

i'm really into movies too....but i won't get myself started...maybe some other day.