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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2004|03:14 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |last song by gackt]

wow it's really been 2 yrs since i lasted updated this....actually i typed a long ass entry last nite but it got too personal so i put it in private...and now i can't think of much to talk about i'm just too lazy to try to recap 2 yrs of my life!

oyah...i'm graduating in a week!! cheers for me. well that's if i DO pass all my classes *crosses my bendy fingers*

had a tiring day...just had an exam this morning and didn't sleep last nite again trying to finish my project(well half doing my project and half gackt surfing =P ) sigh...y is gackt so hot and so unreachable! i better stop daydreaming and get some real sleep...
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pinky yapping away [Aug. 4th, 2002|04:36 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |love destiny by Ayu]

just updated my aa page a lil. v. bored at home rite now. but doris came home this mornin from her summer camp so i'm glad i have someone to talk to. we've become real tite esp this time i came back. i'm real glad i can have this kinda bond wif someone, like someone i can totally trust. even wif henry sometimes there are things i won't discuss to him about.

anyway. for the past few weeks i haven't been doing anything really exciting except for seeing henry and that whole bunch almost every single day. and watching them blaze. i've completly quit blazing now i dunno whether i'll ever start again but i think that's unlikely cuz i dun even like getting stoned anymore. but it seems like almost everyone i know does but i guess it's kinda funnie when i see them reacting to everythin so slow n just laughing at everything. so it's kinda fun too cuz i used to laugh WITH them and now i get to laugh AT them hehehe.

oh and lately i've been to clubbing more and i actually like it better than i used to so i'm planning to go more often when i go back to toronto =D hmmm let's see what else...OHOH saturday nite was kinda gay. at first it was good cuz i got to see maiko and say bye to lulu. and later it was okay when we decided to go to ING. but after awhile at ING we didn't know where jaz took off to and we wanted to go and she had the bag taggy thing so we had to wait for her and we couldn't find her cuz my mobile was in the bag and maiko didnt have her number. so blah blah long story...and after that me and henry went to find joanna perry and them and chilled for awhile...it was fun but then this stupid hk weather!! it started to rain like a bitch and i was the onli one that had an umbrella. henry derek lewis and lo got into a cab first while me joanna perry etc. waited for cab to pass by but it was real late n for some reason taxis don't goto the pier at that time we even called the fucking cab company and still no cab. it was 5 people under one freakin small umbrealla...so finally we had to walk to star ferry to get one. and after that i was dead tired but still went to join henry to play cs...i've been playing abit too much cs lately i think cuz i've become quite gd at it actually...but i dun really think it's a gd thing cuz i dun really want to waste too much time on computer games!! if only i can make henry stop playin so much...then he wont make me go wif him@!

oh yah....i still dunno whether i should goto gatecrasher or not...(all depending on henry again) i think it's this saturday? i'll prolly go cuz i'm getting the 'i kinda wanna go' vibe from henry. but i hope it's not like ken ishii or the april one...seems like more ppl that i know are going this time so hopefully it'll be fun

okay that's it for now....
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nanabooboo [Jul. 14th, 2002|03:59 am]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |rainy days by mary j blige feat ja rule]

i'm in 'ghetto place' rite now...way better than aztec! hmm..been back in hk for almost a month now...pretty much did nothing except chill with henry lewis derek kenneth and the whole bunch...anyway..i'm real happy to be with henry again@! oh...also..today i bumped into someone i really din't wanna see...good thing that person din't see me...ok gonna go play CS now...
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CHOP SUEY [Jun. 1st, 2002|05:40 am]
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Chop suey by System of a down]

When someone is crucified they are tied to a cross (was sometimes just a straight pole with no extremities) and scourged with a cat o' nine tails that had shards of glass and metal tied into the ends of the braids so that it hurt like a mother fucker when the victim was lashed. Then nails were driven into the hands (wrists are a part of the hand) and ankles so as to hold the victim in place. Then when the pole was lifted into the air and dropped into the hole pre-dug for the cross or pole, the force of the cross dropping would more often than not pull the arms out of the sockets of the victim and since it is extremely difficult to support one's bodyweight without the use of the arms, the pressure falls on the torso and lungs, turning breathing into an extremely difficult ordeal. And eventually the victim will be overcome by his/her own weight and suffocate due to the inability to hold themselves up. If the person remained living for so long then the gaurds would come along and break the person's legs to speed his/her death along. And eventually if things became too drawn out, a spear would be placed between the third and fourth ribs on the of the victim in order to kill them instantly.

And yes, this is related to the song. ppl that think they're singing crap just simply dun get it and should rot in hell. And yes I'm feeling rather skecthy at the mo.
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why is the title of the song 'however' [May. 30th, 2002|12:29 am]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |However by Glay]

i was reading the lyrics to many songs and some poems that i wrote in my real diary....but no one will ever get to read the poems cuz i wun let anyone =) anyway...i wrote this really long entry on 6th october 1999....and that night i was listening to the song however by glay (it's a japanese song) and i found the translation on the net....and i copied the whole thing out...i've decided i'm gonna type it all out here cuz i use to loooove that song and always sang it in kareoke....haha i remember singing it with this guy called ken....!! the lyric is meaningful to me as well..it's about love...being apart from the one u love and reminiscing on the early days of lovveee......here goes:

However by Glay

Yawaraka na kaze ga fuku kono basho de
Ima futari yukkuri to arukidasu
In this place where the gentle breeze blows
Right now the two of us slowly begin to walk

Ikusen no deai wakare subete
Kono hoshi de umarete
Surechigau dake no hito mo ita ne
Wakariaenai mama ni
The coming together and the goodbyes
All born from this star
There were people that walked right pass
Without understanding

Narenai machi no todokanu yume ni
Mayoisou na toki ni mo
Kurayami wo kakenukeru yuuki wo
Kureta no wa anata deshita
In a strange town's unreachable dreams,
Even in the times when I felt lost
You gave me the courage
To run through the darkness

Taema naku sosogu ai no na wo
Eien to yobu koto ga dekita nara
Kotoba de wa tsutaeru koto ga
Doushitemo dekinakatta
Itoshisa no imi wo shiru
This endless flowing love
If I could just call it forever
I just couldn't tell you in words
The meaning of my loneliness

Anata wo shiawase ni shitai
Mune ni yadoru miraizu wo
Kanshimi no namida ni nurasanu you
Tsumugi ai ikiteru
I want to make you happy
We'll live for each other
I will love you
So the tears of sadness won't wet you

Ai no hajimari ni kokoro tomadoi
Se wo muketa natsu no gogo
Ima omoeba tayorinaku yureteta
Wakasugita hibi no tsumi
The confusion in my heart when this love began
And the summer afternoons I turned my back on
If I think about them now I shudder slightly
Those were sins of days when I was too young

Sore demo donna ni hanarete itemo
Anata wo kanjiteru yo
Kondo modottara issho ni kurasou
Yappari futari ga ii ne itsumo
And yet, no matter how far apart we are
I still feel for you
This time, when i return let's be together
I would rather be with you always

Kodoku no seou hitobito no mure ni
tatazunde ita
Kokoro yoseru basho wo sagashiteta
The people that carry their loneliness
Keep on looking
For the places of their own hearts

Deau no ga ososugita ne to?
Nakidashita yoru mo aru
Futari no toomawari sae hitohira no jinsei
Have we met too late?
I have shed tears at night wondering that
Our long way around is in one palm's life

Kizu tsuketa anata ni ima tsugeyou
Dare yori mo ai shiteru to
Though I've hurt you I want you to know
I love you more than anyone else

Taema naku sosogu ai no na wo
Eien to yobu koto ga dekita nara
Kotoba de wa tsutaeru koto ga
Doushitemo dekinakatta
Yasashisa no imi wo shiru
This endless flowing love
If I could just call it forever
I just couldn't tell you in words
The meaning of my loneliness

Koi shita hi no munasawagi wo
Nanigenai shuumatsu wo
Osanasa no nokoru sono koe wo
Ki no tsuyoi manazashi wo
The day I fell in love and the beating of my heart
And the casualness of our weekends
And you voice with its left-behind childishness
And the intensity of your gaze

Anata wo irodoru subete wo dakishimete
Yukkuri to arukidasu
I'll embrace everything about you
As I slowly set out walking

Yawaraka na kaze ga fuku kono basho de
In this place where the gentle breeze blows
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i like how it feels not to feel [May. 29th, 2002|11:57 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |because i'm a girl by kiss]

i suddenly have the urge to go sing kareoke!!! damn....wish i was in hk THIS very moment! ho moon ahhhhhhhhhh

hmmm...i was actually just reading this real diary that i keep...i'm not really gd at writing in it every single day so there are like gaps of months between entries.....some of the stuff that i wrote like 2 years ago were so stupid. i'm not gonna say it here but hmmm... there were things that i've promised myself which i totally broke...plans that never got carried out...feelings about certain things and people that i feel totally different about now...ppl around me have changed, i've changed....i think the following quote applies:

'change can be so constant,
that you dont even feel the difference, until there is one.
it can be so slow that you dont know that your life is better or worse, till it is.
or it can just blow you away
make you something different in an instant.'

i think both kinds of changes, fast or slow, have happened to me.
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melting..... [May. 25th, 2002|10:47 pm]
[mood |very full]
[music |Thief by OUR LADY PEACE]

i'm so full!!!! just went to eat 'all u can eat sushi' with danika and kelvin...we were so so so so full actually we didn't eat ALOT but we were all full after the second round...sushi is too filling...

hmmm also watched 'the new guy' with danika today....didn't find it really funny but i didn't expect it to be really gd anyway...

'life as a house' is so damn good i like it better than american beauty...i havent been so concentrated on a movie since 'requiem for a dream'....at first i rented it cuz hayden christensen is in it but i had no idea it was gonna be soooo gd....i melt when i see his face...now i'm not sure if i like him more or josh more...

also...i'm quite relieved that #1 of the SQUAD didn't call me yet and i think he won't. =D

hmmmm my throat really hurts too i hate sore throats. gonna make some 'ha song guk' to drink
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HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN IS SO CUTE!!!!! [May. 23rd, 2002|09:53 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Complicated by Avril Lavigne]

i watched star wars yesterday wif danika hehe my butt went numb! eeek! the movie was 2 and half hours long....kinda boring here and there and so many parts me and danika couldnt help laughing hahaha like the yoda fight scene he looked too funny bouncing around......i was seriously watching it for hayden christensen....couldn't help staring at him puahah..DORIS U WERE RIGHT! when he stared at natalie portman everytime I felt like melting too....i would watch it again JUST to watch him hahah i'm going nuts hmmmm nonetheless the movie is better than EP1...i really hated EP1 i even wanted to walk out of the cinema in the middle....

hmmmm i also saw danika's doggie TUMMY yesterday for the very first time....but it'll prolly be the last time i see tummy cuz danika has to give her away....so sad.......she's so cute!! but she really does peep and poop all over the carpet...sigh....no doggie to play now...

hmmmm the leafs game is on they're losing again this time 2 to 0 they're in the last quarter? not sure..... well, too bad.

hmmm...still have to get a vacuum cleaner...who will help me carry it?? damn.....living by oneself is not so fun sometimes...gotta do everything by myself. =(
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HULLABALOO [May. 19th, 2002|04:43 pm]
alex i just read your entry...hahaha WOOT WOOT~~ it's the raver's anthem everybody give it up~ ohhhh i think i'm getting a natural high now yayahoohoo
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lalalala [May. 19th, 2002|04:38 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |On the radio by Nelly Furtado]

i was trying for two hours to figure out what the seam allowances are for the shirt...this is so pathetic i can't believe those classes i've missed costed me so much..i really dun think i can catch up...it's so pathetic...why am i always sick...argh! too frustrating...

i'm listening to black black heart rite now...the one by david usher...it just reminded me of how my music taste changes all the time. my friend jamie tells me that i have all these phases that i go thru with music. i remember i started listening to TRF and Amuro Namie back in grade 6...then after that i left to canada and those two years i started listening to more english songs....i remembered my obsession with No doubt, Bush, Moist, and those stupid macarena chessy dance songs. that was grade 7,8...doris if you're reading this remember our trip to florida and we were dancing on the bed in the hotel while we watched that live thing of No Doubt on Much music...haha that was fun. hmmm gr 9 i think i started to listen to canto pop cuz i was back in hongkong again...a lot of sammi songs that time...and then i became really..and i mean like crazily obsessed with japanese music...l'arc~en~ciel...i was in love with hyde...all that xjapan glay luna sea...i still listen to japanese songs now but more of their RnB and pop stuff like Utada Hikaru, love psychedelico, Misia..blah..hmmmm okay then during that japanese craze i was also into nirvana and silverchair..going to TST to try to find like bootleg CDs from them...okay then after that i've started to go raving so for a while i was really into anything trance/jungle/hh...and i don't always listen to canto but i love going to kareoke and sing them. now i just listen to pretty much everything except country music...i think 2 months ago i was really into all the songs from moulin rouge cuz i love that movie...ewan mcgregor has such a beautiful voice. and for these past few weeks i've been listening to alot of ashanti and alicia keys and that korean song 'because i'm a girl'. i've just read the english translations for that song it made me feel so emotional when i read it i hate that feeling. and the music video made me cried twice...i dunno what's wrong wif me maybe i'm just having pms. hai....oh that reminds me that i went through a korean music phase too. i listened to alot of 1tym for awhile...the whole YG Family thing with Gloria we were both quite nuts about it. okay i think i'm gonna stop here....i'm rambling like crazy and i know i can go on forever cuz i had over 3000 songs in my old winamp in hongkong and now in my new one i still got like over 1000 songs...i even downloaded the theme song of movies like Godfather and Love story but i like them. what a loser i am....

i'm really into movies too....but i won't get myself started...maybe some other day.
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